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              Whale Shark Snorkel Tour Cozumel,                    Cancun,Playa Del Carmen and Tulum

Guaranteed Whale Shark Tour Cozumel, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum

​You've dreamed it, nows the time Scratch this off your bucket list. Snorkeling with giant whale sharks in Mexico off the coast of Cancun is an amazing experience. If you are planning a trip to the Cozumel, Mexico and want to swim and snorkel with giant whale sharks off of Cancun, we will make your dreams a reality.  We are Cozumel based and do daily whale shark tours out of Cancun for groups or individuals staying on Cozumel, but we can pick you up anywhere from Tulum  area to Cancun if thats where you are staying. 











Blue H2o Cozumel Ocean Tours Whale Shark Tour from Cozumel will  give you a lifetime experience that you will never forget. The Whale Shark is harmless and being able to swim alongside this gentle giant of the sea is an experience to remember and share again and again. Each year between May and September there is an abundance of whale sharks migrating to the Isla Mujares area to feed on the plentiful nutrients in the water. If you are doing a trip to the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, then this is a must tour to do.

Blue H2o Cozumel Ocean Tours has very high success rate finding whale sharks. We do notify you if we are having any bad days finding the sharks before your tour and you can decide for yourself if you want to still do the tour. Sometimes mother nature does not agree with our day.

Some Facts about the Whale Shark

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, growing as large as 50ft and listed as endangered.. It is a filter feeder and It feeds on plankton including copepods, krill, and fish eggs. It is completely harmless to humans, it is actually a very docile  creature. Whale sharks swim on the surface and are very easy to snorkel with.

Rules of Swimming with The Whale Sharks

The tour is conducted with 2 people plus a certified guide in the water and we rotate all customers on the boat so that everyone has this lifetime experience. Once in the water with the whale sharks, we must respect the following rules:

   * It is forbidden to swim with the Whale Sharks without a life jacket or wetsuit.
  *Swimmers must remain at least 6 feet from the Whale Shark and you are not allowed to touch or hold it at all.
  *Do Not Interfere with the movements of the Whale Shark by putting yourself in front of him.
  *Do not make sudden moves in the water when we are close to the whale shark.

Respecting these simple rules you'll have the best opportunity to interact with the whale shark and a most memorable experience. Please remember that the Whale Shark is an endangered species and is protected by Mexican Federal Laws.


Sunscreens and swimming with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks feed constantly on the surface during the day, filtering thousands and thousands of gallons of water while they eat. If you really need to use sunscreen, apply a bio degradeable one only before you leave your resort. Remember, whale sharks feed mainly on the surface, your sun screen will come off your skin and float on the surface. The preferred and best option is to use uv protective clothing including hat and long sleeve shirt. We do have great long sleeve shirts available for purchase if you want  and they are $20. You will be out on the ocean for 5 to 6 hrs so protect yourself from the sun.

Whale Shark Discovery Tour  Pickups and Itinerary

Your Whale Shark Tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel, or for customers arriving from Cozumel, at the Ferry Terminal in Playa Del Carmen.. Depending on where you are staying will determine your pickup time. We will confirm the exact time of pick up via email and provide complete itinerary and answer any questions when you have completed your reservation.


Pickup available for Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

Pickup Times

    *Cozumel:  7 am Ferry    ( Cozumel customers will need to depart on the 7am ferry.  Our guide meets you at 630 beside ticket counter on Cozumel.                                                        Arrival back to Cozumel on the 5 or 6pm ferry but can be later if any delays.

    *South of Playa Del Carmen: 630am
    *Playa del Carmen: 7 am
    *Cancún: 830 am


​* Customers staying in Cozumel will need to be on the 7am ferry. Our guide meets you beside the Cozumel ticket counter at 630am. Our shuttle is waiting for you at the Ferry terminal in Playa Del Carmen and will transport you to the port in Cancun. 

​Once we arrive to the port in Cancun, you will have time to use restroom and get changed etc. At around 9:40am we leave in the boat to search for the Whale Sharks. The ride normally takes about 1 hr and 2o minutes but could be shorter and sometimes longer. These are wild animals so we never know where we locate them. Once we reach the area we will spend several hours and everyone will have ample opportunity to swim with the whale sharks and sometimes giant mantas too.


After we have left the whale shark area, we return to Isla Mujares to relax at Playa Norte Beach and for the boat crew to prepare a luncheon for you comprised of fresh fruits, ceviche, guacamole. We also have vegetarian and vegan options if one requests prior during reservation. We will be at Isla Mujares for approximately 45min. We normally return to port in Cancun around 3 pm. On rare occasion we sometimes are near Isla Contoy for the shark activity and we will have luncheon and snorkel at the reef there.


Pregnant women are not allowed. The activity involves sometimes strenuous swimming and the boat ride can be bumpy.

Heart problems- If you have heart issues, this activity can have strenuous swimming.

Rough Boat Ride- The boat ride can be rough at times especially during month of June. If the conditions are too rough then the Port Captain closes the port. Even if port is open , and the weather is not good, we may deem it too rough for a positive experience and cancel tour





Whale Shark Tour :    $155.00 USD 
    *Price does not include ferry costs if customer is from Cozumel.
    *Price does not include port fees $10

   * Air conditioned transport.

   * Motion sickness medicine or alternatives
   *Snacks during transport
   *Comfortable boat fully equipped , shaded area, gps, marine radios, first aid kits
   *Light lunch. Vegetarian and vegan options available. We need prior notice.

   *Sandwiches available on the boat when ever you want.    
   *High quality snorkel equipment and life jacket. Wetsuits are available for rent
   *Guides: English, Spanish


****Government regulations prohibit  WHALE SHARK TOURS  ON JUNE 30, JULY 30 OR AUG 30 .

*For cancellation, Full refunds available day before tour. No show on tour, no refund.

What to bring on the tour

Sunglasses, towel, bio degradable sun tan lotion, sunshirt, hat, sandals, wetsuit if you would like to bring your own, cash for tips or souvenirs if you like ( shirts, photos of your tour),light rain jacket (never know when you need it)

A $55 deposit is required for each customer. Once deposit is made, we will contact you same day via email to arrange your whale shark tour date and answer any questions. If you would like to pay in full for the tour we can invoice you separately. Deposits are 100% refundable for cancellation *. Contact us here 

Cash, All Major Credit Cards and Paypal accepted for all tours.

Please Fill in your Info and Date of Tour. We will respond promptly.

Thanks for submitting!

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